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Our Purpose

GR8 (pronounced “GREAT”) is an affinity of six Top 100 US-based accounting and consulting firms committed to seeking ways to do business together and expand opportunities. In 2022, a collaborative effort resulted in the establishment of a highly successful international talent resource spanning across the Philippines. Building on this achievement, expansion initiatives were promptly launched into India.

Our vision is to cultivate professional client service teams that seamlessly collaborate with GR8 Affinity firms. To achieve this, we have established a shared services center, with executive management overseeing the overall operations of the business. Each investor firm has dedicated teams specifically assigned to their organization. Our unique global approach allows us to effectively address the evolving demographics in the U.S., especially within the accounting industry, where talent scarcity poses a significant challenge. By identifying the opportunity to embrace an international staffing model, we overcome these challenges and secure a sustainable solution that ensures a robust pipeline of skilled professionals for the future.

GR8 Evolution

Built on rich history, GR8 Affinity embraces a bright future by harnessing the power of collaboration. In 2008, a managing partner peer group consisting of 14 firms formed to share best practices. In 2017, eight of the firms recognized that they were working on similar initiatives. They realized that by leveraging the unique talents and specialty services offered by the entire group, they could better serve their clients. In 2022, the group transformed, resulting in the composition of seven firms. This pivotal shift led the following six firms to establish a dynamic global talent operation.

Portland, OR

Loveland, CO

Albuquerque, NM

The GR8 Idea.

  • Foster collaboration among our firms for enhanced synergy.
  • Expand service offerings collectively, with greater depth and breadth.
  • Achieve rapid national coverage for each firm.
  • Accelerate the transition from “accounting firms with consulting services” to “business solution firms with accounting expertise.”
  • Invest in talent to drive and nurture the initiative’s launch and growth.

GR8 Collaboration and Investments.

Recognizing that we could achieve more by collaborating and funding initiatives as a group, in addition to our global capabilities center, we have invested in two technology companies and have formed two new entities since 2020:

A cloud-based digital intelligence solution for accounting firms, which accelerates the digitization of inefficient, repetitive processes across audit, tax, client accounting and other back-office functions. Eight of the GR8 Affinity firms have a minority investment in this company.


An outstanding learning and development solution, created to transform the compliance- focused training approach to one that creates a strategic advantage in finding and retaining talent for accounting firms. Spiirall helps to increase the learning and development efforts within firm to equip teams with the knowledge and skills needed to exceed client expectations and grow the firm. Four of the GR8 Affinity firms are investors, one is a client, and to date, three U.S. firms outside of the group have become Spiirall clients.


A cloud-based construction software that is the intersection between accounting and project management to come together and collaborate. The Construction Intelligence Cloud consists of analytics, financial workflows, and a project management solution that connects teams, automates reports, and allows business owners to confidently make informed decisions that ultimately grow their business. Six of the GR8 Affinity firms are invested in this company.